Service Area

Iron County WI service areas is currently completing our summer 2016 broadband expansion project in Northern Iron County WI. The Saxon and Montreal projects are completed and providing service to customers currently. Providing service in the greater Saxon area including the rural areas outside or town, Montreal including the surounding rural areas outside of town, Hurley and the Gile Flowage. The Anderson (radar hill) tower project will be completed later this summer and will provide service to the Whitecap Mountain area, The towns of Upson, Ironbelt, and Rouse, as well as the surounding rural areas

Gogebic County MI Sevice areas currently offers high speed broadband internet throughout the Ironwood, Bessemer,Wakefield and Lake Gogebic areas. This includes the outlying townships (Erwin, Ironwood, Bessemer and Wakefield townships).

In addition, highspeed internet is currently being offered in the towns of Bergland, Matchwood, as well as, the surrounding outlying areas.